Customers' Testimonials

What customers say is important to us at 305 Phone Repair. Here are some reviews that made our day just a bit brighter.

Candace P.
South Beach, Miami, USA
“In a nutshell…high quality service, professional technicians and cheap prices for cell phone repair in South Beach – things that you’d never expect to all come in one package. Highly recommend!”

Sandra H.
NYC, New York, USA
“I was visiting South Beach on a convention when I dropped my iPhone 6. I had literally just bought the phone maybe a month prior to flying to Miami from New York City. When I picked it up, I hoped for the best, but when I flipped it over and saw the screen, I saw it was totally destroyed. Cracked glass, broken pieces and a non-functional screen meant I couldn’t call to check in with my husband, look up directions on my phone, or communicate with colleagues. I couldn’t have been angrier. A friend pulled up 305 Phone Repair online and said that they looked to be best place for iPhone repair in Miami Beach. I drove over and was in and out within what felt like minutes. There are other things to do in the area (they are on Lincoln Road) so if the repair is going to take a while I would recommend the mall that is right there. Great guys, fast service and cheap prices. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!”

Billy T.
New York, USA
“I used 305 Phone Repair for my broken iPad 4. It had water damage and I was worried it was unfixable, but they reversed any damage.”

Mike T.
Miami, USA
“I’ve gone to 305 Phone Repair a couple of times – once for iPhone screen replacement and the other time for a broken home button. They work fast while you wait!”

Giselle D.
Miami, USA
“South Beach has one hot spot for cell phone repair, and that’s these guys. They did an awesome job at fixing my broken Samsung Galaxy S6, when I had thought I’d have to buy a new one. Thanks so much!”

Brittany L.
New York, USA
“If you ever have a broken Samsung Note Edge, I recommend taking it to this place. They offer all sorts of repairs, and were able to fix my broken Note Edge screen very quickly. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”

Karissa C.
Miami, USA
“If your iPad Air gets wet, sure you can try to set it out in the sun to dry, which is what I did, but then it can overheat because the Miami sun is so strong. Take it right away to 305 Phone Repair. They fixed my iPad’s water damage and everything is working great now.”

Ryan B.
Miami, USA
“I was looking for a place to do iPhone screen replacement in Miami when I came across this one. I’m so glad I found them because I don’t think anyone else could have done a better job for a better price. Great find!”

Danielle G.
NYC, New York, USA
“I always recommend 305 Phone Repair to friends with broken iPhone parts. My battery stopped working recently and they were able to offer a replacement for a cheap price. It’s great that they have the parts right there on site.”

Anne H.
South Beach, Miami, USA
“305 Phone Repair is a lifesaver. They’ve fixed two of my broken smartphones and they fixed my brother’s iPad with broken glass. If you’re looking for a cheap South Beach third party phone repair shop, use these guys!”

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