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We offer plenty of smartphone repair services through our skilled parts replacement experts. South Beach is a place filled with creative individuals, and no matter how “creative” you got with your cell phone damage, we can assure you that we have the service you need.

305 Phone Repair offers an array of smartphone repair services so that no matter what happened to your device, you will still be able to use it once again. We don’t want minor damage to mean you go out and buy a new device. You’re in Miami, after all! There are much better things to spend your hard-earned money on here, like great food and fun activities.

From water damage, cracked glass and shattered screens to broken cameras, broken buttons and damaged charging ports, we offer repairs for everything, covering even the newest devices, like the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and newest Samsung Galaxy models.

Common solutions that we offer to Miami customers include:

  • Cracked Screen Repair
  • Jammed Lock Button Repair
  • Broken/Missing Home Button Repair
  • Glass Replacement
  • Front/Back Camera Repair
  • Broken Speaker Repair
  • Unlocking
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Charger Port Repair
  • LCD Replacement
  • Headphone Jack Replacement
  • Digitizer front display Repair
  • Battery Replacement

We mentioned that we cover various phones and tablets. The most popular ones that we fix include the following for your reference:

  • iPhone 5c (A1532), iPhone 5 (A1442, A1428, A1429), iPhone 5s (A1533, A1453)
  • Galaxy Note 4 (SM-N910A, SM-N910T, etc.) 
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 (SGH-I337, SPH-L720, SGH-M919, SCH-I545, SCH-R970)
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM – G900T, SM – G900A, SM – G900P, SM – G900V)
  • Note Edge (SM-N915A)  
  • Samsung Note 2 (N7100, N7105, SCH-I605, SCH-R950, SGH-I317, SGH-T889, SPH-L900)
  • Note 3 (SM-N900A, SM-N900V, SM-N900P, N9006, N9005, SM-N900R4, SM-N900T)
  • iPhone 3G (A1241)
  • iPhone 4 (A1332, A1349)
  • iPhone 6 (A1549), 6 Plus (A1522, A1524)
  • iPad 2 (A1395), iPad 3 (A141), iPad WiFi (A1219), iPad 4 (A1460), iPad Air (A1474), Air 2 (A1566), mini (A1432)
  • Google Nexus 9 (0P82100-16-BLK), Google Nexus 6, etc.
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-i9300, SGH –T999, SGH – i747, SCH – i535, SPH – L710)
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920V), S6 Edge (SM-G925V)

Don’t hesitate to come into our Miami third party repair shop if something happened to your tablet while on vacation. We get a lot of visitors coming in because they don’t want to wait until they get home to be able to use their cell phone again. We understand. We also get a lot of locals because they know that no one else could offer better prices or better service for broken iPhones, iPads and other devices.

If you can, you are welcome to make an appointment with our experienced technicians. We also warmly accept walk-ins, so if you happen to stumble upon us, feel free to stop in. South Beach phone repairs are just a phone call, or a few steps away. Choose 305 Phone Repair. Miami, Florida truly is a warm, beautiful place and we are proud to make it even better.

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